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Monday, April 26, 2010

Tutti Frutti

Hi All,

Another weekend was over and for me it was a splendid weekend again. Spending time with the kids and fabrics. This time around the tutti frutti feeling hit me and below are the collections. It's a boxy bag measuring at 11"H x 9.5"W x 4"D. I would say this can be used as a lunch bag or an outing bag with the kids to the park to store a few diapers, wet towel and a milk bottle. This would be just great for that.

As for the lining, I used polyester and japanese cotton.

These bags would love to be with the new owner at a price or RM28(free postage).

Have fun browsing thru the selection friends!

Red Big Apple



Blue Blue Strawberry


Juicy Watermelon SOLD Bibiana


Apple with lime - SOLD


Sweet Cherry SOLD

The height is shorter for this one, 10".

The odd one here - SOLD


Apple in Purple SOLD

Do they exist? Btw the strap is actually purple, but no matter what setting I used it came out blue.. sigh!!


  1. hi sis, blh tanya tak kat mane beli tali2 beg yg warna warni ini?thanks.

  2. Hi Tini dearie, can you email me. Tq

  3. All the bags are so beautiful thanks for organize those so properly and worth buying.As a bag lover these are the bags you just have your collections.

  4. Hello! I would like to know if all the bags are still available?

  5. Hi Bibilui,

    I only have the top 3 left, watermelon, blue strawberry and red apple.

  6. I would like to purchase the watermelon. how do i go about? :)