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Friday, February 4, 2011

Up for Grabs

Hi Everyone!

Gong Xi Fa Cai to my chinese friends who are celebrating .

I took 2 days leave and got 9 days off this week. Heaven on earth! The plan was to fly somewhere but had to cancel it for some reason at the very last minute. It's ok, but I get to spend time at home with my four kiddos. My daughter is also on semester break and we get to go out to eat and eat and eat. With that 9 days leave of which half is already gone, I managed to rearranged my fabric, my strap and whatever craft material that I have. Phew!!! That was one big task. Those to be sold has been put aside and those remnants have become beautiful tote bags. Some of them have been given away to my special friends and relatives without me having the time to snap them.

However, in order not to let you ardent readers of mine go away without seeing any new bags. I still do have some up for grabs. Below are the new design that I made, instead of looking at that straight boxy bag, now I made them rounded at the bottom with that cute two little darts.

Closer look of the new style bag

Below are the ones that you can buy. There are 8 combination of colors. All are rounded at the bottom except the blue one below which has a boxy bottom. Have fun looking at them! If you love any of them just drop me an mail at sewprettypink@gmail.com. Most of them are in 2 pieces and some are 3.

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