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Monday, July 6, 2009

I am back

Alhamdulillah I managed to complete the bulk order for my darling daughter and back into producing new designs. Give me a few days more because I am trying to rearrange my shop, if i have the time (seems 24 hours is not enough for me). The old entries on the fabric has somewhat gave confusions to some readers. I am sorry for that as I have made you drool over fabrics that is not available anymore, again I am sorry.

Like I said earlier, I have all the fabric photos, but I need to find that little time to upload into flickr. Once that is done I will feel great. From there, you can start choosing your material to mix and match. Oh no what have I just did, exposing myself to accept orders? I wish I could fulfill each and every request from you but urghhh.. there is always a BUT right? Ok, we will see how, I don't want to make empty promises. As I have replied to some of you, I sew because of leisure. I just love to see the end product by mixing and matching the colors and patterns. Converting my leisure to a major business? I don't think I am ready yet. We go slow ok.
Below was what I did over the weekend.. cute eh! (perasantan)

comparing it with the camera casing, to show how small it is.

comparing it with a hp

Measurement (in)

L 5.5 x TW 5.5 x D1

with lining

Price : RM7 (postage included for SM)

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